A Dark Day for the State Bar of California

14 Nov

Good summary of the many bumps in the Bar’s road over the past 30 years – with apparently more to come.


Rumors of Senator Joseph Dunn’s firing as Executive Director of the State Bar of California were confirmed yesterday with release of a terse announcement from the Board of Trustees.  As shocking as that announcement was, even more shocking was the news that Senator Dunn had filed a complaint against the State Bar and State Bar President Craig Holden (sen.-joseph-dunn-v.-cal.-state-bar—complaint)  alleging wrongful termination based on his status as a “whistleblower” on alleged misconduct committed by Chief Trial Counsel Jayne Kim.

Senator Joseph Dunn Senator Joseph Dunn

Deputy Trial Counsel Jayne Kim Chief Trial Counsel Jayne Kim

The State Bar has lurched from crisis to crisis over the last thirty years.  Some of the “highlights”:   The Chronicle news stories (1985), the implementation of the massive reforms led by Sen. Presley and designed by Prof. Fellmeth (1987-1991), the early conflict between the new full time State Bar Court and the Office of Chief Trial Counsel (OCTC) (1989-1995), the restructuring of…

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